Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Keagan sticks his head inside the door.  "Knock, knock."  He slides inside of Councilman Ford's office and shuts the door.

Councilman Ford is seated on his couch reading over some documents.  He peers over his glasses as Keagan enters.  He removes them and places both the documents and the glasses on the coffee table. "Ah, just the man I've been waiting to see."

"Just got your headcount from your secretary.  There are approximately 300 guests expected.  If you do the math then you know where that puts us financially."  Keagan takes a seat on the edge of the Councilman's desk.

"300 guests have paid, huh?"

 Keagan can't read Councilman Ford's expression at the moment.  He watches as Councilman Ford stares blankly as if lost in thought.  "Yep.  300 confirmed payments."

"And that's -"

"That's minus campaign donations that last I checked a couple days ago total somewhere around 100 grand."

"Hmmm..."  Councilman Ford retrieves his glasses and documents from the table. He resumes scanning over the material.  "And what's the latest on the Millford project?"

"That remains up in the air.  But the investors are moving forward despite the tenants... well, not actually the tenants.  Just that one lady - Sturdevant.  She's taken the helm at the buyback.  But the others really don't seem that motivated.  So I doubt she'll be successful at it."

"I wonder what the plans are for the money that's already been collected if the project fails.  Who's their guy working this deal?"

Keagan looks puzzled initially.  "She's either got some guy pro bono or from one of those agencies that provide those comprehensive services to subscribers kind of deal."

"No one on our team, huh?"

"Not any of my associates.  We wouldn't touch it."

"Keagan, this really goes without saying. By this time last campaign season we had already put quite a sizable dent in our funds initiative.  That was in anticipation of upcoming negotiations regarding the expansion of this area.  Things have moved forward and promisingly so.  However, at this stunt by those tenants it seems that my constituents have chosen to exercise more restraint with campaign donations.   I believe Sturdevant  needs to understand what a compromising situation our support of them has placed us in and how imperative it is that there not be a shift in leadership until they've salvaged their building.   I'm sure you get where I'm coming from."

Keagan gives a sideways smile as he makes his way to the door.  "Got it."

"Good.  I'll expect to know something in a couple of days."