Wednesday, June 25, 2014

“THIS PARTY IS BANGIN’!!!”  Lissa is yelling above the noise from the speakers so her friends can hear what she’s saying. 

“We ain’t even think you was gonna get out the house.  Maria must be sloppy drunk again?”  a friend inquires as she tugs at the hem of her tight form-fitting and way-too-short dress.

“Not this time, believe it or not.  I managed to slip out while she was napping, though.  Good thing I had Kylie bring my dress and stuff.”  Lissa’s dress is equally as tight, form-fitting and arguably inappropriate for her age.  She’s using her compact to apply some cosmetics.  She checks her hair one last time before returning the lipstick tube and compact to her clutch.

“That’s a cute shade, girl!  Where’d you get it?”  Kylie has joined Valissa and Larque in a corner of the house party  just off where the more mature action seems to be taking place (in a den).  Kylie is wearing spandex leggings and a strapless halter.

“Thanks.  I got it online, but it ain’t nothin’ like the shade in the pic.  I guess I got “Catfish-ed” by Cover Girl.”  The girls laugh in unison, their laughter interrupted by an unexpected comment from a stranger.

“How in the world did ya’ll get in here?”  A mature looking young woman seems to tower above them. 
Lissa and her girls try to refrain from looking intimidated or as though they’ve been caught.

"Just 'cause you don't know us don't mean we wasn't invited," Kylie snaps back.  "How the hell you get up in here?"

"Oh, no.  I'm not about to be disrespected by some high schoolers dressed like hos up in MY PARTY!  It's time to go."  She points toward the exit.

Valissa and her friends try to hide their shame.  

"Hold on.  I invited them."  Dennis is standing behind them.  They've never been so happy to see their former schoolmate as they are at this moment.

"As of now it doesn't matter who invited them.  I'm not gonna be dissed in my own house.  Besides, what you tryin' to do?  Get me arrested?  We got liquor and adult activities going on up in here."  She redirects her attention back to Lissa and her friends.  "Ain't no babysitters in here tonight girls.  Goodbye."

"A'ight.  I'll walk them out then,"  Dennis volunteers.

"Thank you."  The host folds her arms and watches as the girls almost form a single file line and follow Dennis towards the door. "And don't be tryin' to take them out back to hang out either and think you gonna sneak them back in here!  If I catch them still here I'll call the police myself!"

"Ya'll blew it.  What'd ya'll say to her?"  Dennis holds the door as the girls step over the threshold and onto the back patio.  

"She just showed up from nowhere askin' who invited us.  We didn't know who she was,"  Lissa explains with something of an attitude.

"Well, ya'll didn't exactly do a good job blendin' in with them clothes.  I guess I shoulda hit you up on the dress code," Dennis snickers as he steps back and gives them another once over.  "This a house party, not a club."

Lissa and the other girls look embarrassed.

"What we gonna do now?  We ain't ready to go home," Larque inquires.

"Knowing her, she'll be full in about 30 minutes.  If ya'll can hang quietly back there out of sight you can stay a little longer."  Dennis points to a gazebo on the side of the house.  It looks like there are two couples over there hugged up, but enough space for them to chill without crowding them out.

"I thought she told you -"

"She can't stand it over there.  She ain't gonna check there."  Dennis interrupts Kylie.  

The girls give him a puzzled look.  

Dennis begins to explain.  "When we were kids we were playing over there and she messed up and got into a pile of ants.  Simple thing that happens to most people at least once in their life, but she has some kind of phobia about goin' back over there.  Trust me.  Just hang out over there and chill.  I'll come get you when everything is cool."

"Well bring us some grub and something to drink since you gonna hide us around back," Lissa demands.

"Don't trip.  You lucky you gettin' to hang out with us.  Nothin' here but grown-ups.  All college-aged young adults,"  Dennis guides them closer to the gazebo.  "But I'll try to bring something by."  With that he turns and  goes back toward the house.

Lissa and her friends notice some couple lip-locked in the shadows.  The other couple is all in each other's face and sharing a cigarette. They slide into the gazebo and are seated adjacent to the others, giving them their space.

Larque stares into the darkness trying to get a better focus on what's going on adjacent to them.

"Y'all must be some youngsters," a heavy voice with a thick southern accent bellows.  "Ain't nobody ever told you it's impolite to stare, young'un?"

Valissa nudges Larque out of embarrasment and whispers,  "Please don't get us thrown out of the party a second time, Larque."

"I wasn't staring," Larque whispers.  "I was just resting my eyes."

"Girl, don't be answering them stupid questions," Kylie interrupts.  "That fool know it's much too dark to see your hand in front of your face, much less what's goin' on way over there."

Kylie's sudden burst of maturity is startling.  Larque and Valissa give each other a look of astonishment before turning their attention toward Kylie.

"What y'all smokin' on over there?" Kylie inquires.

The stranger lights his cigarette lighter.  The flames shows a group of four huddled together just to the left of them.  They draw back from the flame, their eyes glazed over.   "This party over here ain't for any teeny-boppers.  We grown."  He gives another bellowing chuckle.

"Excuse me, but weed isn't necessarily considered a 'grown' folks' drug.  Anybody can get a hold of that.  including a few 'teeny-boppers.'  Kylie's tone is calm and full of sarcasm.  Larque and Lissa are speechless.

"Fo sho?  But... you don't know nothin' 'bout how we roll with this."  He pulls a joint from his pocket and flaunts it between his fingers.

"You can say anything, man.  But talkin' ain't never been proof of nothin'."

"Is that right?"  The man looks startled at how sassy Kylie is, but keeps his cool.  "Why don't you come over here then and find out for yourself."  He practically pushes the two sitting beside him off the bench to make room.  "Yeah.  Bring your friends on over here, too.  We can all get better acquainted."

Without a word, Kylie gets up and takes a seat beside the stranger.  He lights the joint for her and takes a toke before passing it to her.  She inhales like a pro.

Lissa and Larque remain in their seats, this not being what they had in mind when they thought it'd be fun to crash a house party.

"What y'all waitin' for?" Kylie asks, extending the joint.  "You'd better get in on this before the fun is over."