Monday, October 15, 2012

“As I prepare to take my seat, let me share with you my vision of our future here at Millford Estates.  This complex was once a main artery of the heart of our city, erected during an era when life was peaking and the city was thriving.  It saddens me to change the beautiful skyline it creates.  The sturdy structure and maturity of the brick that has weathered the worst of storms and was a part of each historic triumph.  That’s why we’re not tearing it down, but rather modernizing the use.  Millford Estates will no longer be considered a residential establishment, but rather become a place where visitors can also come and enjoy the beauty that it has added to our city.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present The Millford”.  

Councilman Ford unveils the design model.  Tones that imply pleasant surprise can be heard throughout the room.  The contractors and partners that have been ushering the deal are smiling.

“It’s growth and a city government with its thumb on the pulse of the nation that keeps us at the top of the list of most desirable places to live rather than the bottom – or for that matter omitted from the list altogether. As your city councilman, I’ll continue to make strides towards preserving our stature among the community, the city, the state, the country and ultimately our world. ”

Councilman Ford smiles for photographs and waves to the crowd of business professionals gathered for a luncheon to discuss plans to enhance the city’s image.  The meeting, not open to the public, is an opportunity for business professionals to network and discuss plans to shape local marketing as they derive can best increase revenue.  Everyone is pleased with the changes he’s proposing.  The tenants of Millford Estates are not of the economic status that would help bring their vision of the city into fruition.  And after all, it isn’t like they’re forcing them out with nowhere to move.  There’s public housing and other low income-assisted residential options in areas where like-minded citizens live.  They’d probably be happier somewhere else.      

As Councilman Ford takes his seat, he leans in to his assistant.  “Can you get more speaking engagements?  Elections coming up and I want to make sure to remain in the public eye.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem.  Local universities are hosting voter registration drives.  Perhaps an appearance or two at a couple campuses could get you some great exposure with the younger kids.”  His assistant makes notations in an agenda.

“Exactly.”  Councilman gets up from his seat and begins mingling with the business professionals and contractors.  If this thing goes according to plan, perhaps he could use this as leverage to build a platform and run for a higher office.  Unseating one of those fuddy duddies won’t be easy.  They have more wealth and clout.  But Councilman will not be intimidated.  He has a plan and only another 5 years to get to where he wants to be. 

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