Friday, April 4, 2014

Alesandra has completed the final touches on a new recipe and cuddles up on her chaise.  Her plate has a generous portion of some concoction smothered in cheese, just the way she prefers.  She clicks on her brand new HD 46” TV and starts her Friday night entertainment watching her favorite sitcom. 

“Mmm. Mmm.  He is so fine.  They only made one of him.  That’s just wrong.  His momma and daddy so stingy.  They coulda had twins and saved one of him for me.”  She takes a bite of her dish.  “Ooo, good.  Needs some salt.”  Just as she places her plate on the table to make a dash for the kitchen her cellular rings.  Tish’s face lights up the display.  “This girl’s timing is so inconvenient!”  She picks up the handset and answers the call as she makes her way to the kitchen.

“There must be some emergency. Some urgency that you had to call tonight when you know I’m watching my show.”  She grabs the salt from the counter, scurries back to the chaise and retrieves her plate.

“Business before pleasure, my dear.  And I’ve just landed an account for you to the tune of somewhere around $10k.  Sound urgent enough to interrupt your little show that you’re probably saving on your DVR anyway?”  Tish sounds tremendously proud of herself.

“You say 10 grand?”  The forkful of food that Alesandra was about to eat falls back into the plate.”

“Yes.  Minus my commission and founder’s fee, of course. Enough for you to get yourself moved since your living arrangements have become kinda iffy.”

“OR enough to help with the buyback.  But anyway, what kind of function we talkin’ ‘bout, here?  Wedding?  Corporate event?  How many attendees?  I need all the dets!”

“No, dear sister.  I have gotten wind that Councilman Ford is planning a formal fundraiser to start his campaign.  We’re talkin’ approximately 250 guests.  And the gig is all yours.  All you have to do is come up with a couple options for a 5 course menu and be ready to present and sign contracts.  You get half upfront and the other half upon completion.”


“That’s it.  I of course had to make it seem as if you’re like high in demand and busy, busy, busy.  So, his assistant is waiting for a call to confirm in the a.m.  Should I go ahead and schedule a date?”

“Of course, by all means,”  Alesandra was genuinely speechless at this point.  “I’ll start workin’ up a menu in the morning.”

“And I’ll plan on stopping through to discuss all the details.  Love you, sis.”  Tish hung up.

Alesandra set her phone on the table and stared blankly at the wall, visions of what a recommendation like this could mean for her flooding her mind.  Without a second thought she got up from the chaise and moved swiftly to get settled on her kitchen barstool.  Her pen and notepad were always within reach.  She grabbed them and began to jot down ideas for what was sure to be the first among the most important meals she’d ever prepare.

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