Friday, February 8, 2013

“Fellas, is this the correct mic?  I don’t want any fade-outs like last time.  Need I remind you that accuracy and quality are two essential components to –“

“Blah, blah, blah Skye.  Yes, that’s the correct mic.  We’re on in 5…4…wait for the light..and –“  the cameraman points as the lights glare toward the news anchor.

“This is Skye Petersen with NewsChannel 8 coming to you on location from downtown Millford Estates where the newly formed tenants association is about to discuss their plans for this residence.  The first attempt the tenants made to discuss the renovations were tragically interrupted with the suicide of local artist F. Lamar Dollison.  Dollison was removed from consideration for negotiations to purchase original art for the former ‘Millford’ as it was being called, had experienced harsh criticism from a recent art exhibit and was also having problems with a girlfriend that was in attendance at the tenants meeting when he turned a .32 caliber on himself.  Tonight, the tenants have reconvened and I have standing by Juniper Sturdevant who has been appointed president of the tenants association.  Juniper, what’s expected to be the outcome of tonight’s meeting?”  Skye thrust the mic near Juniper’s chin.

“The plans to redesign Millford Estates caught us all quite by surprise.  Tonight we hope to gain some clarity from the owner and city officials…to bring us up to speed with exactly what’s going on and at least give us a chance to be heard.”  No matter how many times she rehearsed possible responses, Juniper remained a ball of nervous energy fumbling through sentences.

“Who of those city officials are expected to show for tonight’s meeting?”

“Councilman Ford’s office has responded and is expected to attend.”

“Well, I’ll be the first to wish you and the tenants of Millford Estates the best and please keep us informed.”  Skye shifts her attention to the camera.  “This is Skye Petersen, NewsChannel 8.  Keep us tuned in as we continue to bring you updates on this and other news around the city.  We’ll now switch back to our studios where Mary Weathers is standing by with a quick check of our local traffic and weather.  Mary… “  Skye is distracted by a car that pulls up to the curb.  The camera crew shift attention toward that direction. “Just a moment.  Councilman Ford’s car has just pulled up to the building.”  Skye glances toward her crew.  “Guys, do we have time to get a few comments in?”  The camera crew nod in agreement and near the automobile.  Skye stands by, mic in hand.  Juniper has shifted away from the commotion.

Councilman Ford is fuming, but the cameras will never capture that as he is well concealed behind heavily tinted glass.  “Keagan, I hope this isn’t a part of your little surprise.  This is exactly what I was hoping to avoid.”

“Come on now, Sir.  Media coverage is expected, despite your hopeful thinking.  Paint on a happy face and let’s get going.  You ready?” 

Councilman Ford opens his door and his demeanor almost instantaneously transforms into that of a welcoming smile and caring elected official.  He exits the vehicle impeccably dressed and walks directly to where Skye is standing on the pavement.  Keagan bypasses the commotion, always preferring to remain unseen.
“Councilman Ford what are the results of the negotiations with the building investors?  Are there plans to proceed with renovations?”  Skye again thrust the microphone toward Councilman Ford, awaiting a response.

“At this time I’m unable to disclose those details.  I can say that we’re working very hard and are very much involved in doing what’s best for everyone.  Our city thrives on citizens who have such a passion for growth and welcome prosperity equally as much as we do.  They’re the reason why I am in such a privileged position to serve in this capacity, and I’ll do everything within my power not to disappoint them.”  With that Councilman Ford gave a nod and excused himself.

“And that was Councilman Ford coming to you live from Millford Estates.  Now back to our studios with Mary.”  Skye smiled into the camera and awaited her cue that taping had ceased.   She and her crew began to pack up the mobile unit while the Councilman entered the building behind Juniper, Keagan holding the door for both of them.     

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