Friday, February 1, 2013

“I know it’s been said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but right now no woman could possibly compare with the sheer fury I have at this moment.  This potential renovation was not only a long-awaited change to attract more desirable citizens, this was my major ticket for re-election and pursuing a higher seat!  Now, I want to get a foothold on this mess!  And I mean as quickly as possible!”  Councilman Ford was growing angrier and angrier by the moment.  Keagan couldn’t help but to feel some degree of empathy for his assistant Contessa, who had to fear that her ear drums were about to burst each octave his voice escalated.  She was assigned the displeasing task of relaying to him the final decision about this deal, and needless to mention it wasn’t at all what he’d hoped for.  Better to have to tell him over the phone rather than face to face though. Keagan just kept his eyes on the road and continued to listen.
“...Now, I’m en route to this tenants meeting that I’ve been asked to attend.  It just wouldn’t be good not to show up.  But there’d better not be any surprises, or I’m going to have to impose sanctions, Contessa!”  Councilman Ford disconnected the call and tucked his cellular in his breast pocket, looking out of the window.
“I’m assuming that the business associates decided not to reconsider the deal.”  Keagan rounded a corner almost a block and a half from their destination.
“They wouldn’t even hear the revisions out.  Something about too much negative publicity and building codes.  Not only are they not willing to relocate, they don’t even want to entertain the idea at all.”  The Councilman fell silent for a second before speaking again.  “What investor would dare take a risk with this now after our original investors have reneged?  What a pain in the-“
“Eh, so what are you prepared to say to the tenants?”  Keagan was quietly amused by the councilman’s anger.  He usually keeps a cool head.  This is one of the rare opportunities that he’s ever heard him raise his voice.
“No matter what they say, my response is that I’m on board and we’ll all get through this together.”
“Well thought out, sir.  Very good.”  Keagan smiled and shook his head. 
“Besides, I’m not certain if the media is scheduled to appear or not.  I don’t want any more hang-ups with them.”  Councilman Ford glanced in Keagan’s direction.  “You seem quite entertained.”
“Sir, I’ve been working for you quite some time now, and I’ve just never known you to be this upset about very many things.  After all, I’m paid very well to do your dirty work.  I’m beginning to think I’ve lost your confidence.”
Keagan’s words lightened the councilman’s mood.  “It seems that after this meeting we’ll know where to begin with Plan B.”
“Already one step ahead of you.  We’ll just see where this meeting takes us.”
Dennis was so fine.  Valissa hadn’t been spending nearly as much time with her old clique as she once did when she lived closer to them.  So seeing Dennis after all this time kind of conjured up some weird feelings.  She’d crushed on guys before.  But she’d never looked at Dennis twice.  That is, until she was reunited with Larque and her old crew.  They came through to see what was up, especially with all the attention that the building was getting.  He was looking all brand new and stuff.  Got himself toned up from taking up martial arts. Grew some dreads that were in a neat bob.  A little facial hair.  Even got a brand new used whip.  Yep. He definitely had changed from the snotty-nosed, booger-eating yuck mouth that she once hassled in the halls between classes. As she neared where he was parked she took a second to smooth her wrap and adjust her denim skirt that seemed to keep riding up.  Good thing she decided to put the leggings on.  Dennis seemed to have caught sight of her in his peripheral vision and did a double take, but tried to play it off.
“Is that how you s’pose to treat a lady?”  Valissa had finally made it to where Dennis was leaned against his car playing BrickBreaker on his android.
“Where’d she go?  Where did you see a lady?”  He cleared his screen and shoved the phone in his hoodie, smiling.
“Ha ha.  Very funny.”
Dennis walked around to the drivers side door and opened it.  Valissa was standing there looking wide-eyed.
“Aren’t you gonna open my door?” 
“Is something wrong with your hands?  Or is it your head?  You’ve forgotten how to open the door?”
Valissa smacked her lips.  “Boy you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!”
“What I do know is that you better hurry up and get in this car before you’re left standing on the sidewalk.  My bladder is full.  Shoot, I was just about to duck between them buildings if you had’ve been two seconds later.”  He placed his leg in the car and was about to be seated before he realized that Valissa was still standing on the sidewalk looking stupefied.  “What?”
“I want you to open my door,” Valissa demanded.
“It looks like you want to get left.  This ain’t a date.  You asked if I’d take you to get some grub and that’s what I agreed to do.  Now get in or get left.”  This time Dennis got inside the car and closed the door.  He tried to crank it up, but it stalled.  One more time he turned the ignition and the car sputtered a few times before going dead again. 
Valissa began to wail with laughter.  “Look like you ain’t leavin’ nobody tonight, playa!” 
Dennis glared at Valissa then turned the ignition, this time successfully getting the car started. 
Valissa opened the door and hopped in.  “Don’t worry.  I got you if you need to take the bus home,” she snickered between laughs.
“Keep it up and you’ll be needin’ that bus fare for yourself.”  Dennis shifted gears and off they drove.

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